Coaching de grup

Group workouts will keep you motivated to work out and will always be interactive. Every day we will have a new challenge for you, designed according to the best methodology in the world of fitness, CrossFit.

To get into the group classes you will have to go through an initiation period.

For four weeks we will go through several fundamental movements in a controlled setting for an hour. Alone or together with several people, we will teach you our methodology, accommodate you with our materials and teach you our language.

For detailed informations schedule a call!



You’ll have people around you with the same goals as you, who you can connect with for team workouts or just socializing after your workout.


When you train with people around, everything can become a little fun, you’ll find yourself loving coming to practice.


By consistently coming to the gym, the results will appear and those around you will notice.


Certified trainers

Our team has official certifications and training to bring the best experience.