Our mission at Smart Move CrossFit is to offer life changing experiences! We do this out of a great desire to help people, to bring forward new and old concepts about how to improve your everyday mobility, how to look and perform better in life. We’ve managed to bring together a community of people driven by the same goal, with an enviable perseverance, a community anyone can join, from anywhere, regardless of their athletic abilities, their experience or their age.

The four pillars through which we make our methodology possible.

As soon as you walk inside our gym, you will notice that we are not like any other fitness box.
You will notice that there are no pulley machines, no treadmills, no steppers, nor large mirrors where you might be tempted to flex your muscles.

We have plenty of open space, a huge rig to do different types of pullups, many bars and discs which we use for olympic weightlifting, concept 2 rowing machines, boxes for jumping, medicine balls and kettlebells.

What they’re saying