Meet the team

Our mission at Smart Move CrossFit is to offer life changing experiences! We do this out of a great desire to help people, to bring forward new and old concepts about how to improve your everyday mobility, how to look and perform better in life.



I discovered CrossFit by recommendation of a friend almost a decade ago and never looked back. My favorite part of the CrossFit methodology is strength training in general and more specific Olympic weightlifting. 

My favorite move is the snatch. Olympic weightlifting is often called ”poetry in motion”. It requires a mix of skills: strength, power, speed, coordination, flexibility and will provide a challenge for mind and body.



After a few years in competitive sports, CrossFit seemed to me the closest sport to that sense of competition and discipline I was used to.

My inclination is towards gymnastics and agility, handstand walk,  ring muscle up are my favorite moves. I think that if we put our body in all kinds of physical situations and strengthen it through weight-based exercises (squat, deadlift, press), we will be more prepared for the challenges of everyday life.



I have been training CrossFit since 2014 and since the beginning of 2017 I have been a trainer at Smart Move CrossFit, both for group classes and personal training, being a continuous opportunity to improve and develop the knowledge in this fitness sport and to forward them further to our members.

My favorite lift is snatch, a weightlifting that can still look pretty graceful by applying a good technique.

I am also adept of a healthy, active and nutritionally balanced lifestyle.



Hello, I’m Rareș. Since the first brick was laid I have been part of the Smart Move Crossfit team, a team of people who have the same physical and mental aspirations, to become better every day, where ambition, perseverance and obstinacy of not being beaten, have never disappointed me.

Favorite moves … I think burpees: D

The irony of fate is that after a “life” without a sport I started practicing CrossFit, about three years ago, and gradually, with many minuses turned into pluses, I became a certified CrossFit trainer.



My Fitness journey started 13 years ago, when I had to deal with some weight problems. That need turned very fast into a way of life and now I could not imagine my life without exercising at least a few times a week with healthy nutrition.

After a while I started to participate in trx classes, and later I got a trx coach certificate because I was very passionate.

The first time I heard about CrossFit was in 2014, and when Smart Move opened its doors. I didn’t hesitate to sign up for Fundamentals, which was their beginner’s program.

I am a big fan of the Olympic Weightlifting, that was the part I fell in love with from the start. It is and will remain my favorite part, without neglecting the other aspects related to CrossFit.

Being a member of the Smart Move community from the beginning, when I was given the chance to become a coach, and to share with others everything I have learned in recent years, I did not hesitate for a second … So here i am.

Alex Munteanu


Hi, I’m Alex and I’ve been a coach at Smart Move since 2021, being a member already for some years. 

During my life I practiced sports all the time, so I got to experience a wide range of them. At my brother’s suggestion to start CrossFit together at Smart Move, I was more than open. Since then, I have practiced this sport non-stop. The way it developed me physically and mentally is amazing. My favorite workouts are the ones involving cardio and strength. They are very effective. I love the diversity of CrossFit, which develops you harmoniously. At the same time, the desire for food and a healthy lifestyle came naturally.

Florin Salagean


I wanted as a child to be like the athletes I saw on TV. I played different sports most of my life trying to find something I’m good at and that I enjoy. Also being skinny and small gave me reason to improve. That journey taught me I don’t have to fit in.

First touch with CrossFit was in 2016, was an outdoor workout with Smart Move and later that year a fundamentals class. Cardio in the workout kicked my pumped muscles so hard. After that a shift began in my mind and classic bodybuilding workouts weren’t enough.

In february 2020 started a new journey training in CrossFit and starting 2021 I became a coach too.

The ultimate goal for everybody should be an active and healthy life for as long as possible. That will facilitate and improve other areas in our lives.

Want to join the team?

We are always looking for ambitious, enthusiastic and entrepreuneurial people to join our team. If this sounds like you, drop us a line with what you can bring to our company that sets you apart from anyone else.